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Is your baby catnapping during the day or waking frequently in the night?

Have you attended sleep school only to have it all come undone once you return home?

Are you finding it impossible to get your toddler to stay in their own bed?

Or do you simply want to prepare for the arrival of your newborn and avoid common parenting challenges?

Based on Victoria’s beautiful Mornington Peninsula, fully qualified and highly experienced children’s nurse Jo Whelan offers advice, support and strategies to parents in the comfort of their home.

Baby Whisperer offers parents the fundmental skills and knowledge to deal more confidently with the challenges of being a parent.

Parenthood is a precious time, but it can often include feelings of overwhelm, sleep deprivation and confusion about the plethora of information – and sometimes conflicting opinions from well-meaning friends, family or acquaintances.

Expert help is at hand!

Baby Whisperer’s range of services – including first aid and injury prevention programs – allows parents the flexible convenience of consultations at your home, by phone or by email. For parents posted interstate or overseas, Baby Whisperer is a click away with Skype video conferencing from your personal computer.

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