Antenatal and postnatal seminars

Expectant Parent’s Seminar

These seminars can be presented in your home or to a group of expectant mums, parents, carers or grandparents at a community or other public venue, which we can organise for you. Seminars run for approximately three hours. Bookings require a minimum of 4 to a maximum 20 attendees.

This seminar covers:

  • Household, transport and furniture equipment and safety
  • Organising your household in the first few weeks
  • Sleep patterns, day and night routines
  • What to expect after leaving hospital with your newborn
  • Breast feeding, expressing, storing breast milk; supply issues; Mastitis
  • Starting solids
  • Preparing for multiple births
  • Immunisation and Vaccine preventable diseases
  • Community support and resources for new parents
  • The role of the new father
Basic First Aid for Parents – Seminar 1

80% of accidents occur in the family home, and most are preventable. Parents should be prepared and confident to deal with any potentially life-threatening emergency.
This seminar gives parents basic first aid skills to respond quickly and confidently in the event of an emergency with your child.

Information covered:

  • Simple anatomy and physiology
  • Recognising and responding to choking, not breathing, unconsciousness or unresponsiveness
  • Correct artificial breathing and chest compression (CPR)
  • Getting help for an emergency … whom to call, what to say, etc.

The content of this program complies with the Australian Resuscitation Guidelines and is internationally recognised as appropriate for the first responder action required in a life-threatening situation.


Common Childhood Illness, Accident and Injury Prevention – Seminar 2

This seminar offers basic first aid skills (Seminar 1) as well as an introduction to common infant and childhood illnesses. Parents will also learn how to recognise serious illness, general injury prevention and safety advice.
Information covered:

  • Infant and child CPR
  • Managing a fever and febrile convulsion
  • Gastroenteritis
  • Respiratory illness such as croup, bronchiolitis, and asthma
  • Trauma, head injuries, fractures and near drowning
  • Prevention and management of choking, strangulation, electrocution, poisoning, burns, bleeding, shock, accidental water submersion, car & road safety
  • Vaccines – preventable diseases and immunisation advice

Each seminar can be delivered informally in the comfort of your own home (min 4) or formally to a community group or organisation (max 20).Seminars run for approximately 3 hrs.

Both seminars are excellent for interested grandparents and other family members or carers. They are also available as a community group or organisation session if you’d like to get together with others for a great informative day!

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