Don’t lose Sleep this daylight savings

[ 0 ] October 5, 2012 |

Its daylight savings again; time to put our clocks forward an hour again on Saturday night ( excl NT, QLD & WA).

Whilst for most, it means summer is just around the corner, nightly BBQ’s and wonderful summer evenings filled with fun family activity.

For many families with young children or toddlers, it is not uncommon for their children to experience sleep disruptions with the time change as they may not be as sleepy at the usual bedtime.

The Baby Whisperer’s tips to assist with adjusting to daylight savings time:

  • Maintain your child’s normal sleep and day nap times, don’t attempt to delay or change the bedtime hour to make up for the lost hour. This can actually lengthen the time it takes to transition.
  • Make gradual changes to your child’s  bedtime starting either Friday or Saturday night, rather than waiting until Sunday night, a school night. I normally put my kids to bed 15 mins earlier each night for 4 nights as a gradual transition. (ie) my younger children are in bed nightly by 7:30, so Friday night they go to bed by 7:15; Saturday by 7:00; Sunday 7:45 ( DST); Monday 7:30 (DST)
  • Do the reverse for returning to (EST)


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