Baby Biotic Study

The Royal Children’s Hospital Centre for Community Child Health and Murdoch Children’s Research Institute are conducting a Baby Biotics Study for infants aged less than three months with infant colic

The Baby Biotics Study is a randomised controlled trial of probiotics for infant colic. Infant colic, characterised by excessive crying of unknown cause, affects up to 20% of babies and doubles the risk of postnatal depression. It is the most common proximal risk factor for shaken baby syndrome, and is a huge burden to health services.

Despite years of research, the causes of infant colic are unclear, and its management options limited. Probiotics, defined as live microorganisms that are of health benefit, may help reduce infant colic.

Downloadable Routine Sheets for handy reference

Every child is different as are their needs for sleep. In order to develop a good sleeping pattern, your child requires a predictable routine. Avoid the pitfall from much of the literature on the market today about pushing your baby to sleep through from 6 weeks, or not to rise before 7 am – These place unrealistic expectations on both Mother and child and often leads to feelings of stress, inadequacy and guilt in the early days. In some children these rigid, unrealistic routines can have a detrimental effect on their health and wellbeing. Routines need to be flexible, they are a general guide. The goal is to have a happy healthy baby who is gaining weight and sleeping well between feeds and a mother who is well rested.

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