“I can thoroughly recommend Baby Whisperer to any new mum. As soon as Jo arrived at my home I felt a great sense of relief that I would finally get some expert guidance.”


“We were elated at the impending arrival of twins, however also well aware of the road ahead and knew that in order to have a good work life balance, it was important to prepare ourselves as best we could. Jo spent time with us, helping us to prepare for the girls arrival. Then, after the birth she guided us into a great routine from day 1 with the girls. It has made all the difference, and allowed us time to enjoy our girls!!”

—Luisa & Simon

'My second baby suffered severe colic and reflux and would just not settle. Then one day when I was really at my wits end, I met Jo. What a lifesaver. Jo made me feel at ease by coming over to my home and assisting me with sleep techniques for my little boy. Not only was she able to give me advice on sleep, but she helped me deal with his reflux and colic. 'I now have a beautiful happy baby who sleeps in the day and soundly at night.'


'At around eight weeks of age, our son Felix was a true catnapper. He would only go down for 30-40minutes at a time.  We had no idea how to help him settle or encourage him to go back to sleep. So confused from all the books we were reading, we were lost, frustrated, tired and distressed for our baby. At the end of each day he was inconsolable despite his fatigue and exhaustion. Jo taught us the fundamental skills in recognising tired signs, settling techniques and 'get out of gaol' tips, in helping us teach our precious boy to sleep. After much hard work, he is finally going down with minimal fuss, self settling and  sleeping - something we thought we would never achieve.  Everyone is so much happier. 'What we have realised is that sleep is a learned skill. Those 'good sleepers' are not the majority, and it is so hard to know what to do  as a new parent. Jo has taught us the fundamentals of settling our baby, and we can't thank her enough. The support she has shown has been amazing - often calling and emailing daily, checking in and giving advice on what to do next. There were times when I did not think I would get there - Jo would email or call and give us the reassurance that we were doing the right thing and confidence we needed. We can't thank her enough for her genuine empathy and concern for our family. Life is so much better now and we are enjoying our baby so much more.'


'When we first called Jo, it was taking up to two hours every night to settle our son to sleep, we had resorted to driving him or going for long walks until he fell asleep, then we would transfer him to his own bed, only for him to wake a few hours later and make his way into our bed. This was creating much stress. At first we were skeptical, but Jo came highly recommended. Jo came to our house for three nights. The first night with Jo, it took 50 minutes for Michael to go to sleep, the second took 15 minutes - we were amazed. On the third night it was our turn to settle Michael with Jo's support - seven minutes and he was sound asleep. 'Since Jo's visit our son has gone straight to bed every night without  fuss and has slept through! Such a trnsformation. We are all now well rested and a much happier family as a result. We could not recommend Jo more highly, she is warm, kind, empathetic and friendly and will help change the lives of your family for the better. It's amazing what a good nights sleep can do.'


'Thank you so much Jo for your wonderful work with Ivy. We managed to acheive so much more in the six hours in our own home than what we did spending four nights away at sleep school. Ivy was a different baby before you even left the house, she went from 45 minute naps to sleeping from 1.5  - 2.5 hours and from feeding several times a night to being able to be resettled without a feed. We have had the usual disruptions to sleep with teething, holidays and illness, but your techniques and strategies have seen us through these in no time at all. We are a much happier family now that the stress of sleep deprivation has gone and we are finally getting a full nights sleep. Sometimes thank you does not seem to cover how grateful we really are. I cannot recommend your service more highly.'


'Our two year old, who was initially a great eater, suddenly refused most types of food. As this pattern continued we began to become concerned that she was not getting the nutrients she needed. The habits and behaviours that developed were beginning to cause quite a bit of stress in our household. Desperate we called the Baby Whisperer for some learned advice, which ended up being a lifesaver. Jo was so thorough in reviewing our situation and the characteristics of our daughters eating. Jo's extensive knowledge of child health was really reassuring  she was able to advise us on what we needed to focus on  and what we needed to let go of. She had some great suggestions from setting boundaries and even recipes and made us really look at the way we were doing things. What we appreciated the most was Jo's continued follow-up and support.'


'Jo was our miracle worker! Our 16 month old son was not sleeping and his parents were exhausted. Jo provided us with the skills and confidence to assist our son to self -settle and sleep well. We were amazed at how quickly things changed - a matter of days. A year later our son is still a good sleeper! We would not hesitate to recommend Jo.'


'We were having a terrible time with our 2nd baby boy trying to get him to sleep at 9months. Jo came for a three night visit. The results were amazing, within two nights our little boy was sleeping through the night and so much better during the day. It took a few days to settle into a routine but we got there. Jo has a marvelous, natural way with babies and children and what I appreciated was her wonderful support and follow up. Three moths later I was having a few problems again after our son had been sick. Jo was fantastic giving me guidance on getting him back into his routine. Jo gave our little boy the gift of sleep and for me the gift of sanity!'


'I wholeheartedly recommend Jo Whelan of the Baby Whisperer Service. In my dealings with her, she has always demonstrated an absolute commitment to providing highly informed, thoughtful, non judgemental and always nurturing assistance. A highly qualified professional with a very gentle and personable manner, ( a difficult combination to find). I could not recommend her and her wonderful service more highly and only hope that more mothers have the opportunity to have her help them through the difficult early stages of motherhood.'


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