Baby Whisperer Sleep Settling Programs

Baby Whisperer is a unique consultancy service, providing parents everywhere with peace of mind and assistance in dealing with the everyday challenges that parenting brings. Founded by Jo Whelan, fully qualified and highly experienced children’s nurse and mother of three, Jo offers expert advice, support and strategies to parents in the comfort of their home.

Baby Whisperer takes a holistic approach to parenting. providing individualised consultations for parents of newborn babies and young children.

Baby Whisperer’s range of services include:

  • Sleep/settling and routine establishment for:
  •        Newborns to young children
  •        Premature babies post hospitalisation
  •        Twins & triplets
  •        Infants with colic & reflux
  •        More than one child in the same household
  •        Infants and children with chronic illness
  • Breast feeding support
  • Introduction to solids and feeding plans


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